Chris & Mat 1

We were initially introduced to the Zen-Shin Academy by a family friend who highly recommended we take our two boys along for a trial lesson.

We contacted Sensei John Richards and were immediately impressed by how approachable and welcoming he is. Sensei Richards is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet, his passion for Shotakan Karate and The Zen-Shin Academy, is accompanied by the great pleasure he gets from passing on his expertise to students both young and old.

 Sensei Richards suggested we bring the boys along for a trial lesson, this we did and following their first lesson both couldn’t wait to train again.
Sensei Richards believes in trying to always enforce the positive with his students. He is able to recognise any strengths and weaknesses in both kids and adults character and abilities. We were absolutely amazed how quickly and accurately he assessed our boys, instinctively knowing how to motivate them as individuals.
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