Club Instructors

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Kyoshi John Richards      


8th Dan, 

Kyoshi John Richards, Chairman and Chief Instructor of Zen-Shin Martial Arts Academy, started practising Karate in 1971. He achieved his 7th Dan in 2001. Although he is officially a ''Shihan'' his students always refer to him as Sensei.

Since 1990 Sensei has devoted himself to his first love, which is teaching Karate to his students and establishing a full-time Martial Arts Centre and running the Zen-Shin Association.

Zen-Shin Association is established in the Birmingham area, having clubs located in Aston,  Hockley, Sutton ColdField, Four Oaks, Northfield and More further a field is the club in Kent which cater for all ages ranging from 4 years upwards. Classes are available for beginners and advanced students. We also welcome students from other styles of martial arts.

Sensei has also produced two videos, which cover the dynamic style of Karate, which is his trademark. The first video covers beginners'' Karate and Katas, the second shows advanced Katas and their application. It also covers self-defence for the Karate-ka (one who practices Karate).

As Sensei looks to the new millennium he hopes to be able to continue his work with his students thus increasing their abilities and awareness.

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